Forsaken—with Dan Forrest

A forthcoming choral anthem published by Beckenhorst Press features my lyrics and music by Dan Forrest. Dan wrote some sobering but powerful music that completely captures the grief Christ's sacrifice expressed in the text.

The text is written in a 1st-person narrative by Christ in the garden of Gethsemene and on the cross at Golgotha.

“How long, My God, will You neglect My prayer?
Will You forget these tears of dark despair?
Yet not My will, but Yours alone be done:
Forsake not man, but Me—Your sinless Son.
I, Christ the Son, obey Your great command,
Enduring punishment for sinful man.
As Son and silent Lamb, I choose this path:
Accept rejection to appease Your wrath.”

“O why, My God, have You forsaken Me?
Why have You now refused My final plea?
Though I cry out in sorrow, pain, and fear,
You turn Your back; in silence, disappear.
I, Christ the Son, bear all their sin alone,
Embracing judgment from Your glorious throne.
As Son and spotless Lamb, I shed My blood
To bring them boldly to Your face, My God.”

It is available Fall 2014 from Beckenhorst Press for SATB choir, piano, and optional violin and cello.

Click here to see the page from Dan Forrest's website. Click here to hear it on Beckenhorst Press's Soundcloud.


Becky Knapp said…
Mr Battles
We have the privilege of singing your beautiful song, Forsaken. However we are struggling with the line, "Accept rejection to appease Your wrath." God's wrath was not appeased by God the Son's death, but rather man's sin was atoned by His death- the sinless God Man was the only worthy sacrifice for our salvation. Could you possibly consider, "Accept rejection to atone man's sin?"
Eagerly awaiting your response

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