A People For His Name—with Brian Büda

A People For His Name

Missions Conference 2016 Hymn for the King's Chapel, West Chester, Ohio

Music by Brian Buda
PDF of text and music

People walk about the earth,
Groping as though it were night.
Who will bring the blind to Christ,
Shine the glorious gospel light?
I will lead the sightless souls,
Urging them to turn to Him!
Christ illumines darkened hearts
As a people for His name,
As a people for His name.

Wretched souls live for themselves,
Thinking not about their sins.
Who will point them to the cross—
Where Christ died, where life begins?
I'll proclaim the risen Lord,
Snatching souls out of the flame!
Through my words I pray He might
Save a people for His name,
Save a people for His name.

We, like them, were once His foes,
Foes against His holiness.
Who broke down that wall of sin?
Jesus, King of righteousness!
We, all nations, will sing praise
To the holy Lamb once slain.
With His blood He purchased us—
We're a people for His name,
We’re a people for His name.

Simon has described to us how God first intervened to choose a people for his name from the Gentiles. (Acts 15.14)


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