Be Merciful, O God, To Me (Psalm 57)—with James Koerts

Several years ago when meditating upon Psalm 57, I quickly wrote down a meditation on the psalm. Years later James Koerts added a wonderful tune to go with the text. The tune and full arrangement will be available summer 2016 from the Wilds.

If you'd like to sing the text to a tune you already know, try O WALY WALY.

“Be Merciful, O God, To Me” (Psalm 57)

Be merciful, O God, to me!
My soul is weary and oppressed.
My foes are mighty but I flee
To shelter in Your wings of rest.

Send out Your steadfast love to me
And all Your grace and faithfulness.
Your presence with me now shall be
My only joy and righteousness.

My heart is steadfast all my days:
You are my song and melody!
Awake, my soul, to sing His praise,
And, like the dawn, His glory see.

I give You praise among the just
And join the nations' happy song.
Let all Your glory spring to us—
We'll praise You here with ev'ry tongue.

Be e'er exalted, O my God!
Let all Your glory fill the earth!
Each mountain, plain, and sea abroad
Will know Your splendor, pow'r, and worth!

* Stanza 4 will not be included in James's setting with the Wilds.

© Dustin Battles (2013)


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