Behold How Every Wound—with Reba Snyder

Behold How Every Wound
Text by Dustin Battles
Music by Reba Snyder
PDF of text and music with refrain

Behold how ev'ry wound of Christ
Distills a precious cure.
Those searing marks have paid the price
To make this sinner pure.

The bleeding Lamb bears holy wounds 
Of mercy full and free.
His body shines a crimson hue
That ever pleads for me.

His hammered hands, His thorny crown,
His wounded, piercèd side
Preach gospel grace that trickles down—
None but Christ could provide.

Grim injuries left me dismayed—
For me He was accused?
His wounds healed scars my sin had made
When love and suff’ring fused.

The wonders of redeeming love
Bring triumph, not defeat.
Both here on earth and soon above
I’ll worship at His feet.

Copyright 2015 by The Wilds


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