From Heaven's Holy Throne—with James Koerts

He Stepped from Heaven’s Holy Throne
Text by Dustin Battles
Music by James Koerts
Copyright 2015 by The Wilds

PDF available here. 

He stepped from heaven’s holy throne
To take a body like our own. 
With love so great, in manner meek,
For sinners Jesus came to seek. 

Christ lived a humble, blameless life,
Yet men in hatred caused Him strife.
Among the thieves they nailed Him high, 
Though we deserved that death to die. 

When Jesus died, a darkness fell,
As if creation could not tell
If it would ever once more shine 
The glories of the King divine. 

Then Christ arose just as He said:
He crushed our sin and Satan’s head.
The light of Jesus’ empty grave,
Proves Christ our Savior came to save!

No more a servant, now a King—
He rules now over everything.
Robed in His garments free from stains,
We worship Him who ever reigns.

On bended knee we bow to You—
Redeemer, Savior, Lord, and King!
Now grant to us, Lord Jesus Christ,
Thankful lives and humbled hearts. 

Copyright 2015 by The Wilds

This stanza wasn't included in the official version from the Wilds, but was in my original text:

Though He’s forever King indeed,
He did not clutch His throne with greed:
To earth from heaven, Jesus came
In flesh a man to bear our blame. 


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