The Lord's My Light (Psalm 27)

"The Lord's My Light” (Psalm 27)
Text: Dustin Battles
Suggested tunes: 
MARTYRDOM ("Alas, and Did My Savior Bleed") (not doubled)
RESIGNATION ("My Shepherd Will Supply My Need") (doubled)

The Lord's my light, my Savior dear.
In Him my heart is stayed.
My refuge strong; whom shall I fear?
Why should I be afraid?

When enemies attack my flesh
To conquer and destroy,
In this my heart will be refreshed:
Jehovah is my joy.

One thing have I desired of Him,
For this one thing yearn:
To gaze on Him with eyes undimmed,
Into His house return.

The Lord will hide me in His home
When trouble shall arise,
For from the Lord I find shalom;
On Him I gaze my eyes.

Hear me, O Lord; I cry aloud!
Be gracious—answer me!
I seek You, Lord! My heart is bowed;
Hide not Your face from me.

Turn not Your face of anger here,
Though I am full of sin!
Cast not me off, but keep me near;
In mercy take me in.

Teach me Your wondrous way, O Lord,
And lead me in Your path:
False witnesses have stored
Up lies and violent wrath.

I soon shall see God's goodness there
Within the living land.
Wait, wait, my soul; do not despair!
God's providence is planned.

© Dustin Battles (2013)


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