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"We Are the Church": a hymn for the 50th anniversary of my church

Last month I decided at the last minute to write a hymn for the 50th anniversary of my church , which we celebrated on September 18–19. It's the fastest hymn I've ever written, composed in about 2 weeks' time.  I've never said this before, but now would be an appropriate time to note that any time I write a hymn, I always glean insights and feedback from friends and sometimes family. This hymn is no exception, especially since I wrote it so quickly. Many thanks to all those who helped me this time and every time. Also, the typesetting is by my friend Dan Kreider, who does excellent typesetting at Hymnworks . I wrote it for tune SINE NOMINE, which many will recall as the tune to "For All the Saints." I even included a slight nod to William Walsham How in the first stanza as I (mostly) used his "est" rhyme scheme.  Theologically, I use a less common pattern of Father, (Holy) Spirit, Son. This is not ideal, as the order (not hierarchy) of the Triune God
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My college friend Peter Anglea (pronounced "angel") has put together his music composition abilities and computer programming skills to develop this amazing website called Doxology .  You can see download slides or sheets for 4-part hymns, lead sheets, or just the lyrics—and you can even change the key! All for free! It's a really creative and unique idea. Kudos to Peter! I have three songs on there—one original and two updates to historic texts: Help My Unbelief (with Paul Keew, administered by ChurchWorksMedia) I Saw One Hanging on a Tree (updated text by John Newton, paired with KINGSFOLD) My Song Is Love Unknown (I lightly updated the text and kept it paired with LOVE UNKNOWN)

New Psalter (2020)

Last year I helped Dan Kreider edit (along with many others) what's appropriately called the  New Psalter . For those who don't know, a psalter is collection of songs from the Psalms. The New Psalter is the best psalter on the market today, in my opinion.  The settings are often historic, yet other are new. The tunes range from familiar to fresh. Authors include historic ones like Watts, Getty, Papa, Psalter 1912, and two settings of mine: Psalm 130: Out of the Depths I worked on this psalm setting for literally 6 years. All because I couldn't get it to the point where I was happy with it. But when there's a new psalter coming out, I had motivation! It's paired with a lovely melancholy English folk song called "Turtle Dove." Psalm 85: In Times of Old (with Dan Kreider) When Dan was working on a setting of Psalm 85 for the New Psalter, he asked me to help him hone it. So it ended up being 1/2–3/4 Dan's work and 1/4–1/2 mine. I think the collaboration t

Wilds Songbook (2019)

A couple years ago (I know—I'm quite behind the times), the 9th edition of the Wilds Songbook was released. It includes several songs whose words I composed. Many thanks to the music composers (names in parentheses below) who brought these texts to life. And also thanks to the Wilds for publishing these! From Heaven's Holy Throne (with James Koerts) Mercy (with Joey Hoelscher) Behold How Every Wound (with Reba Snyder Miller) Be Merciful, O God, to Me (Psalm 57) (with James Koerts) Here Is Love (a light modernization of the classic hymn) Copies are available for purchase here . 

Help My Unbelief—with Paul Keew

I first wrote a draft of a text with the words, "I can trust You when I see every step You have for me..." in my devotions two years ago. Dozens (hundreds?) of edits and iterations later, the text has been finalized as follows: 1. (Matt 14:22–33) I can trust You when I see every step You’ve planned for me, But when wind and waves arise fear awakens in my eyes.                                                   Why do I distrust and fear? You will never disappear. Reach into this stormy sea, hear my cry, and rescue me. Refrain: I believe, yes, I believe. Help, oh Lord, my unbelief! I believe, yes, I believe. Help, oh Lord, my unbelief! 2. (Psa 51:9–12; cf. Psa 42:2; Psa 90:14) I am fully satisfied when my heart delights in Christ. But when I give in to sin, only hollow joys remain. Who can satisfy but You? You can fill me through and through. Quench my thirsty soul, oh Lord, that my joy may be restored. 3. (Job 1:21; 2:10; 7:11) I know You are good to me w

Our Glorious God—with Saint-Saëns/Galvin

Few writers attempt to cover the Bible's message in one text/poem. This is my attempt to do so. However, I couldn't find a tune that seemed that seemed to fit the text; that is, until David Galvin stumbled across a Saint-Saëns piano concerto tune that, in my opinion, fits the text perfectly! David adapted it so that it's more singable. See below for the text or click here to view the full text and music PDF. Our Glorious God Text by Dustin Battles Music by Camille Saint-Saëns (Piano Concerto No. 4, 2nd movement), Adapt. By David Galvin 1.  Our glorious God unveiled His might, Creating heavens, seas, and lands. He spoke and there was glorious light; He fashioned Adam with His hands. The skies declare that He is Lord; We join with them to shout His name! All things that are came by His word, For God does all for His own fame. 2.  Of Eden’s fruit mankind could eat, But not the tree of knowledge there. Yet with his wi